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Pro Tips for Protecting Your Privacy on LinkedIn



Start by adjusting your profile settings.

Have you checked your LinkedIn privacy settings lately?

If not, perhaps you should.

“There are a few privacy settings on LinkedIn you can adjust for increased anonymity to protect your own searches or personal information that you don’t want others seeing,” according to Above the Law. “[T]hese will be located under the ‘settings and privacy’ tab that you access when you click on ‘me’ to view your profile.”

Below are some LinkedIn privacy recommendations from the post’s author, Wendi Weiner, an attorney and consultant.

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Suggestions for LinkedIn Privacy Settings

Turn On “Private Mode” For Viewing Other Profiles. “If you’re job searching, you may prefer to do so in private or stealth mode. This means that others will not see if you’ve viewed their profile,” writes Weiner. “The benefit to being in private mode is that you don’t have to worry about others knowing if you viewed them. For many job seekers, it provides them reassurance in proceeding with a confidential job search that’s already under the radar to begin with. This means you can engage in searches that are fully incognito without fear of others knowing you’ve glanced at their profile. It can also prevent the “oops” moments when you accidentally click on someone’s profile (and now that person has seen you viewed them).”

Double check your profile’s public visibility. Here, you can see what others see when they’re not logged into LinkedIn.

Restrict your email access. “Always utilize your personal email address for LinkedIn account access, particularly if you’re employed by a firm or a company (and not a solo practitioner),” writes Weiner. “Make sure you also turn on two-step verification — this will further protect your account from being hacked. Do a routine check-up on your profile to see what email addresses are being utilized for your profile and always make sure the email address listed is a functioning one.”

Turn off Active Status when offline. This provides enhanced privacy and prevents you from feeling that you’re on call 24/7.

Source: LinkedIn Privacy Settings To Consider Turning On (And Why They’re Important) – Above the Law

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