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Do You Have a Cyber Incident Response Plan?

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Without one, you'll be lost when trouble strikes.

One essential part of the plan is to obtain and maintain cyber liability insurance coverage.

Another key aspect: training your team in best practices for cybersecurity, such as getting a second opinion before clicking on a suspicious email.

“Cyber criminals recognize that formerly in the ‘old days’ of office working, employees could easily ask a colleague for a second pair of eyes on a suspicious email or link,” according to this article in The Economist. “However, now employees are far more independent about trusting their own instincts, which will inevitably lead to some lapses in judgment.”

As a benefit of a Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance policy underwritten by Alta Professional Insurance Services, policyholders are automatically enrolled in the Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group (Alta Pro RPG). They have access to our exclusive policyholder-only services. The Alta Pro RPG website is intended to be a resource for independent agents, insured attorneys, insured paralegals/staff, and the general public.

Tips from a Cyber Incident Advisor

The attorneys at O’Hagan Meyer offer a wide range of cyber liability services for their clients, including lawyers and firms. They act as Breach/Incident Advisors for private companies, not-for-profits, and professional service firms throughout the country.

“In a digital world, maintaining control of privacy and confidential data is paramount,” says the O’Hagan Meyer website. “But as technology continues to grow and expand, so does the world of cyber-crime. As more personal information is being transferred to online portals, the risk of digital theft becomes increasingly more prevalent. When your personal information falls into the hands of a stranger, it can be harmful to not only the clients you serve, but also your personal or professional reputation. In the event of this type of security breach, where can you turn?”

A Breach/Incident Advisor does some or all of the following:

  • Determines whether the data compromised by a security breach contained personal information as defined by state security breach laws;
  • Creates an efficient and effective incident response plan to notify the proper parties as required by state and federal law;
  • Evaluates and mitigates damages resulting from the data breach
  • Counsels clients on ethical implications, reputation-management, and the subsequent risks following any data breach.
  • Assembles an experienced  team of cyber liability legal professionals to help resolve the matter.
  • Works with a variety of experts and vendors to facilitate crisis management, including the following: Public Relations firms; Information Technology Consultants; Forensic Accountants; Credit Monitoring Services
  • Counsels on remedial action and recuperation of losses

Alta Professional Insurance Services Agency, LLC, (Alta Pro) provides innovative, intelligent, professional insurance underwriting, claims, risk management, product development, and sales and marketing services to our clients using state of the art information technology. Alta Pro adheres to the highest standards of ethics and integrity to achieve superior results for our clients. Led by experienced program administrators who know their clients’ insureds and the carriers’ appetites, Alta Pro continues to expand our program offerings across the U.S. 


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