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Learn from our All-Star Panel of Presenters.

Practicing law is hard.

We can make it easier.

Alta Pro is committed to bringing our insured lawyers high-quality CLE webinars on cutting-edge topics taught by prominent thought leaders. And they’re free!

Below are some of the programs Alta Pro has presented in the past two years. If you missed out on a live show, you can stream a replay at your convenience on the Alta Pro youtube channel.

You have to take CLE courses to keep your law license. Why not learn from our All-Star Panel of Presenters? (Did we mention they’re free?)

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Cybersecurity Chapter One: 10 Things You Should Know About Cybersecurity
Presentation date: March 31, 2020

Presenters: Kevin O’Hagan and Jamey Davidson, partners at O’Hagan Meyer

“Just about anybody who runs a business is a target. But law firms are particularly vulnerable. We’ve seen the threat of cyber-crime grow steadily over the past 15 years. If you follow the money, you see why law firms are targets. Cyber criminals aren’t interested in vandalism. They’re interested in money.”

“Some of the three of four most prevalent types of claims we’re seeing affect not only the 250-lawyer firms but the on-lawyer and two-lawyer firms.”

Cybersecurity Chapter Two: Cybersecurity Awareness for Lawyers
Presentation date: June 18, 2020

Presenter: Erich Kron, Security Awareness Training Director, KnowBe4

“I find a lot of firms are kind of aware of cybersecurity but haven’t really thought about, ‘how prepared am I?”

“Even when the criminals are after information, ultimately they’re after money. And they’re still after money when you’re working from home.”

“Social engineering is the practice of getting people to do something by using our humanity against us.”

Cybersecurity Chapter Three: Putting Cybersecurity to Work in Your Practice
Presentation date: September 17, 2020

Presenter: Kevin O’Hagan, founder of O’Hagan Meyer

“Only 25 percent of firms have a formal Incident Response Plan, and these are mostly large firms. Only 9 percent of solo practices have a plan.”

“Things to include in your Incident Response Plan: procedures for initial reporting of an incident; methods for confirming the incident; process for investigation of the incident; compliance with ethical duties; restoration of electronic data; notification of clients and other affected parties as appropriate.”

“Assemble a cross-disciplinary response team. The team might include everyone from IT professionals to a PR firm. Train the response team on breach reporting obligations, mitigation requirements and the steps needed for recovery. Always conduct a post-incident review. Afterwards, revise your Incident Response Plan to incorporate all lessons learned.”

Zen and the Art of Practicing Law in a Pandemic
Presentation date: December 15, 2020

Presenter: Michael Kahn, JD, LPC – Owner of ReelTime CLE

“Lawyer well-being is defined as a continuous process where lawyers strive for thriving in each dimension in their lives: emotional, intellectual, occupational, physical, spiritual and social.”

“Mindfulness is the ability to be in the present moment. You’re aware of what is happening now (thoughts, emotions, sensations) with curiosity, no judging. The situation, like related thoughts and emotions, is transient.”

“Train your brain to be more positive. It only takes two minutes a day. Try this exercise in cultivating gratitude: Write down three new things you are grateful for. Do this for 21 days in a row. This resets the way your mind interprets things.


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