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Tetra Defense Launches Cybersecurity “Tetra U”

On the front line of cyber defense.

Guest Post from Tetra Defense
(reprinted with permission)

Tetra Defense, the Madison-based cybersecurity software development and incident response firm announces its launch of Tetra U in a bold effort to eliminate barriers to entry for new professionals entering the cybersecurity field while establishing gold standards of knowledge and execution at every level of expertise.

The two greatest challenges in modern cybersecurity are the rapidly shifting landscape and the dearth of qualified experts. Tetra U, a NIST 800-181-aligned program, addresses these challenges in the field head-on. First, by capturing the unparalleled skills of Tetra Defense’s technical leaders, and second, by removing the cost and uncertainty associated with pursuing education in the cyber domain.

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“Tetra U” From Tetra Defense

“Tetra U exists to implement best-in-class technical education, first and foremost for Tetra employees, but also for the broader cybersecurity and insurance community,” remarks Joseph Perry, Director of Education at Tetra Defense.

As a cyber educational expert, Perry’s approach to Tetra U offers both short-term skills (the technical aspects of cybersecurity that are subject to regular changes and updates) and professional skills (the evergreen communication and management skills to support candidates through their entire career). “Tetra U aims to create a more stable, equitable, and professional security community,” Perry adds.

The initial programs offered from Tetra U will foster this community. Programs include Core, Advanced, and Capstone Programs for all of Tetra’s technical services, Professional Development, Leadership & Management Preparation, Mentorship, and Summer Scholars just to name a few. These programs maintain both the next generation of white hat talent and Tetra’s collaborative teams, providing opportunities to get started in the cybersecurity industry and actively grow within it.

Beyond the Tetra team and ‘classroom,’ Tetra U provides courses like “Underwriting Evolving Cyber Risks,” which support risk partners in their pursuit of loss prevention, intel on active threat groups, and common attacks against their client cyber environments with an emphasis on underwriting evaluation.

“We see Tetra U as an absolutely essential component to Tetra’s continued success,” notes Scott Holewinski, CEO of Tetra Defense. “In our growth, what has struck me time and time again as I meet and get to know our new team members is how incredibly talented our team is. Within our virtual walls we have been lucky to have assembled mentors that would stack up nicely against the most respected cybersecurity programs. This realization was the genesis of Tetra U — a program to both support continuous learning of our teammates and connect our partners with our talent.”

As cybersecurity constantly changes, Tetra U aims to provide agile education, an accessible starting point for entry-level cyber professionals, and a path to grow within Tetra’s virtual walls.

Source: Tetra Defense

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