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Text Messaging As a Marketing Tool

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More than 90% of texts are opened and read.

Text messaging is not just a communication tool. It can also be a powerful marketing mechanism. In this Guest Post, legal marketer Brian Craig explains how to leverage text messaging for maximum success.

Guest Post by Brian Craig

Effective communication is a cornerstone of success in the legal industry. For law firms, maintaining open and responsive channels of communication with clients is critical for fostering trust, managing expectations, and ensuring client satisfaction. 

Especially for B2C law firms, text (SMS) messaging has emerged as a powerful communication tool that can help law firms streamline their client interactions. This article explores the benefits of using SMS messaging in the legal profession and offers best practices for its responsible implementation.

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SMS Messaging as a Time-Saving Communication Method

One of the most significant advantages of SMS messaging is its instantaneous nature. Unlike emails and phone calls, text messages can be sent and received within seconds and have an extremely high (95%+) open rate, allowing for swift and efficient communication between lawyers and their clients.

The convenience of being able to send and receive SMS messages from anywhere and at any time means that attorneys can stay connected with their clients even when they’re on-the-go. This flexibility can help reduce the time spent on phone calls and email exchanges, ultimately improving the overall efficiency of the law firm.

Enhancing Client Engagement and Satisfaction

Effective use of SMS messaging can lead to increased client engagement and satisfaction. By offering personalized and direct communication with clients, law firms can build stronger relationships and demonstrate their commitment to addressing client concerns. 

SMS messaging enables attorneys to respond quickly to client queries, thereby increasing responsiveness and fostering trust.

Additionally, law firms can leverage SMS messaging to provide real-time updates on case progress, court dates, and other important information. This proactive communication approach helps manage client expectations and keeps them informed throughout the legal process.

One specific use case we’re seeing frequently across our client base is personal injury firms who are effectively using text messaging to communicate with accident victims. Questions get answered quickly, and it’s also an effective way for firms to get pictures of accident scenes and other items.

Improving Organization and Record-Keeping

Integrating SMS messaging with client management systems and software can help law firms maintain organized and accurate records of their client interactions. SMS communication can be automatically logged and stored, ensuring that past conversations are easily retrievable and available for future reference. This can be particularly useful when reviewing case histories or when preparing for meetings and court appearances.

Ensuring Privacy and Security in SMS Communication

While SMS messaging offers many benefits for law firms, it is essential to consider the privacy and security implications of using this communication channel. Law firms must ensure that their SMS messages are encrypted and sent through secure platforms to protect sensitive client information.

To further safeguard client data, law firms should establish clear guidelines on what information can and cannot be shared via SMS messaging and train their staff accordingly.

SMS Messaging Best Practices for Law Firms

To maximize the benefits of SMS messaging, law firms should adhere to the following best practices:

  1. Craft concise and clear messages: Attorneys should ensure that their SMS messages are succinct and easy to understand, avoiding legal jargon whenever possible. This helps clients quickly grasp the information being shared and reduces the likelihood of miscommunication.
  2. Establish boundaries and expectations for SMS communication: Law firms should communicate their expectations for SMS messaging to clients early on in the attorney-client relationship. This includes setting boundaries on response times, availability, and appropriate topics for discussion via text messages.
  3. Encourage clients to use SMS messaging for non-urgent matters: While SMS messaging can be a convenient way to communicate, it should not be used for urgent or time-sensitive matters. Law firms should encourage clients to call in such situations to ensure that their concerns are addressed promptly and appropriately.

Where To Start With SMS Messaging?

Introducing a brand new form of messaging to your law firm can feel overwhelming. Where should you start? We’ve found a couple of places where SMS messaging can make a big difference for firms just starting out:

  1. Review Requests: SMS messaging is a great method to request Google reviews. Utilize a sequence of text messages to encourage reviews and address unhappy clients before it turns into a bad review. All of our LawAmp programs include our proven review sequences to help you get a head start!
  2. Appointment/Consult Reminders: Improve your show rate for appointments, calls, and consultations with SMS reminders.

SOURCE: Revolutionize Your Firm’s Client Communication With SMS Messaging – LegalScapes

Brian Craig is the founder and owner of LegalScapes, which creates ethical, effective websites and messaging strategies for law firms. Brian has been a web developer and data engineer for 23 years. In 2012, he founded LegalScapes to help lawyers create a dynamic internet presence in compliance with the Rules of Professional Conduct and best practices. He is a member of the national Leading Law Roundtable and a regular contributor to Attorney at Law, bar association blogs and other legal publications. His tech expertise is matched by his knowledge of the unique challenges facing lawyers in a digital world.

Ph: (919) 825-1050


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