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Check Out These Top Legal Tech Software Directories

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It's a great New Year's Resolution.

Here’s an early New Year’s Resolution: kick off 2023 by exploring ways legal technology can improve your law practice.

A good place to begin is by searching online legal software directories. But there’s a caveat: not all software directories are equal.

“When you’re seeking information about legal-specific software tools, the inconvenience of sifting through inaccurate generalist software directory sites can be a painstakingly tedious process at best and an inefficient waste of time at worst,” writes lawyer and law tech expert Nicole Black in the ABA Journal. “Lawyers should focus on software directories limited to legal technology products. These sites provide knowledgeable insight, accurate information and appropriately categorized listings of legal software products.”

Keep reading for some of the top sites Black recommends.

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Here are four sites recommended by Black in her ABA Journal article.

LawNext Legal Tech Directory. This directory is maintained by Bob Ambrogi, a long-recognized leader in the law tech space. The directory provides a wealth of information, including details on the company that owns the software, when it was founded, the name of its president or CEO, and links to online sites. It also provides product reviews, media articles, pricing information, videos, whitepapers, e-books and screenshots.

Legal IT Professionals legal tech directory. This directory is primarily for large firms, not solos or small practices.

Above the Law Legal Tech Directory. This directory serves firms of all sizes. “The products are listed alphabetically and aren’t categorized,” writes Black. “It includes 59 products, and once you click on a product, you’ll be taken to a page that provides a link to the company website along with a description of the software. The listing also indicates the size of firm that the product is typically used in and provides links to recent blog posts about the software company.”

Legaltech Hub. “This directory covers a broad array of software categories for firms of all sizes,” Black writes. “Each listing includes a description, applicable practice areas, target users, videos and screenshots of the product in use, and pricing information.”

Source: Legal Tech Directories: Your guide to the technology your firm needs (

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