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Alta Pro is Putting the Success in Succession Planning

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Register now for our free CLE webinar on law firm Succession Planning.

You’ve worked hard to build your law practice. Don’t leave your future to chance.

Take control through Succession Planning. Without a plan, you’re rolling the dice. And you’re putting yourself – plus your employees, clients, and financial well-being – at risk.

“But I’m not ready to retire. I don’t need a succession plan.”

Saying that would be your first mistake (and potentially a costly one). A second mistake (perhaps even costlier) would be missing out on our free CLE webinar, Success in Succession Planning, presented exclusively by Alta Pro Insurance Services on October 5, 2021.

Learn more about succession planning by attending our upcoming live webinar, Success in Succession Planning. Our guest speaker is Camille Stell, CEO and founder of Lawyers Mutual Consulting & Services, who (literally) wrote the book on Designing a Succession Plan for Your Law Practice. One hour of CLE credit has been applied for and is expected to be approved. Register here.

Success in Succession Planning

Succession Planning is key to your law firm’s future.

Having a succession plan doesn’t mean you have to stop work today. It means having a blueprint for your business, as well as a process for transitioning ownership smoothly, seamlessly and profitably. A succession plan also lets you move into the next phase of your life on your terms and according to your timetable, whether you’re ready to retire (or sell your business) in one year or 20 years.

Here are some things you’ll learn in our Success in Succession Planning webinar:

  • How to determine the value of your firm.
  • What your firm may be worth today, tomorrow, and years from now.
  • How to grow your firm – and keep it growing.
  • How to protect your legacy and exit on your terms.
  • Why succession planning is not just for lawyers on the cusp of retirement.
  • How to start planning for succession today – regardless of where you’re at in your professional career.

Our guest speaker, Camille Stell, is co-author of the book, Designing a Succession Plan for Your Law Practice: A Step-by-Step Guide for Preparing Your Firm for Maximum Value. Webinar attendees will win a chance to get a free copy of the book – just by attending!

Did we mention the webinar is FREE?

CLE approval is expected and in process now.

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