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Top Travel Tips for the 2021 Holidays

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A little flexibility can save lots of money.

If you’re planning to travel this Christmas, a little flexibility could save a lot of time, money and stress.

Airlines are slashing fares. Hotels are offering deep discounts. Credit card companies are adding new incentives for travelers.

Big savings may be available if your holiday plans aren’t set in stone – and if you have some wiggle room in your schedule.

“Avoid flying on the most popular travel dates,” writes Carolina Morse Teel for the website Smarter Travel. “A growing number of airlines are offering free changes on even basic economy fares, so try to book with one of those carriers if you can This will give you much-needed flexibility in case your holiday plans have to change. With free changes, you won’t need a reason or any kind of documentation to make a change to your ticket.”

Another tip: take advantage of remote-work opportunities and extend your vacation if possible.

Read Teel’s article “9 Best Holiday Travel Tips for 2021.

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Top Holiday Travel Tips for 2021

  1. Use Google Flight’s calendar feature. “[It] will show you airfare prices for an entire month at a glance, letting you easily see which dates are the cheapest to fly,” writes Teel.
  2. Prepare for health and safety restrictions. Know the rules regarding vaccination, masks and other protocols.
  3. Make sure your passport is valid. It can take up to 18 weeks to apply for and receive a new, updated one.
  4. Expect long lines everywhere. “The TSA has suffered from staffing shortage this year, and with a high volume of travelers predicted for holiday travel, you can expect long lines at airport security,” writes Teel. “Staffing shortages have impacted nearly all aspects of the travel industry, which will likely cause long lines at all points of the travel process, like rental car counters and hotel front desks, so be sure to leave plenty of extra time for car returns and checking out.”
  5. Take advantage of TSA PreCheck. TSA staffing shortages have increased the wait time for airport security screening. Avoid the hassle with a security pre-check.
  6. Go south. Five of the 10 most popular – and cheapest – destinations this year are in the southeastern United States (Nashville #1, Austin #5, Dallas #7, Miami #8 and Atlanta #10) according to Kayak.
  7. Book your rental car now. Although rental car prices are dropping after a steep rise in 2020, they’re still expensive. Get low rates by reserving early.
  8. Think small. “My prediction is that smaller resorts or isolated accommodations will be the most popular because they allow people to stay safe during their trips, away from big crowds,” according to the travel website DiveIn. “It is much harder to implement safety measures in a large hotel, which is why travelers may choose alternative accommodation options.”
  9. Know and follow the CDC Travel Guidelines. This is especially important if you’re not fully vaccinated. Here are the latest holiday travel guidelines from the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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