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These Innovations Can Make Your Season Bright



How about a virtual office party this year?

The pandemic is changing how we ring in the holiday season, gather with relatives, and even get our Christmas trees.

Some of those changes will be difficult. Others will be easy – maybe even fun. And despite the disruption, we might learn new skills and develop new muscles that can improve our personal and professional lives.

“As the pandemic continues, many holiday-focused companies have needed to change their business models or services to ensure safety or meet changing consumer preferences,” according to the US Chamber of Commerce.

So that you’ll be fully prepared for the holidays, below are six ways retail businesses are adapting to the pandemic during their busiest time of the year.

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The holiday season is a multi-billon dollar time for U.S. businesses. Here are some things that will be different this year, courtesy of CO and writer Sean Ludwig:

  1. Christmas tree delivery. Retailers like Lowe’s and Home Depot are offering free tree delivery for Internet orders. Specialized companies like tree farms are letting consumers tour their lots, pick the just-right tree, and have it delivered straight to their door.
  2. Drive-thru holiday attractions. “While drive-through winter wonderlands—where families in cars can take in holidays lights and attractions—existed before the pandemic, more are springing up as a way for people to enjoy the holidays safely,” writes Ludwig.
  3. Online musical performances. Maybe your favorite annual live concert has been cancelled this season. But you can still tune into streaming events and download pre-recorded shows.
  4. Holiday party catering. Unable to schedule an in-person office party or gala? Try a virtual celebration instead. “Some caterers have creatively adapted to the times, especially when it comes to holiday parties,” writes Ludwig. “These parties are mostly being held virtually, so high-quality food is instead individually packaged so people can enjoy it at their homes while taking in the virtual events.”
  5. Virtual gift shopping. Some businesses are scheduling FaceTime appointments to walk customers through the store and showcase inventory remotely. Others offer online shopping sprees, curbside pickup and overnight delivery.
  6. Virtual Santa Claus is coming down the chimney. Macy’s and other retailers have cancelled plans for in-store Santa visits. To compensate, some are offering virtual greetings from Saint Nick – either by video or phone – that are customizable by language, ethnicity and gift preferences.

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