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Learn the Secret of “Full Spectrum” Lawyer Well-being on December 7

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Attend our Third Annual Wellness CLE Webinar - Free!

Well-being is not just the absence of dysfunction, and it’s not as simple as just feeling happy.

It’s about achieving Full Spectrum health in all aspects of your life: emotional, occupational, intellectual, physical, spiritual and social.

Join us on Wednesday, December 7 at 12 noon CT for our Third Annual Lawyer Wellness CLE webinar. This year’s program, “You’re Not Broken: The Neuroscience of Lawyer Well-being,” will use evidence-based research to show you how to remove obstacles to well-being and start 2023 feeling stronger than ever.

“Lawyer well-being [is] a continual process of seeking to thrive in each dimension of one’s life,” says the ABA Report on Lawyer Well-Being. “ [It] requires things like connection, belonging, continual growth, and aligning our lives with our values. It requires that we take care of all aspects of our lives.”

  • Emotional Well-being. Value emotions. Develop ability to identify and manage our emotions to support mental health, achieve goals, and inform decisions. Seek help for mental health when needed.
  • Intellectual Well-being. Engage in continuous learning. Pursue creative or intellectually challenging activities that foster ongoing development. Monitor cognitive wellness.
  • Occupational Well-being. Cultivate personal satisfaction, growth, and enrichment in work. Strive to maintain financial stability.
  • Physical Well-Being. Strive for regular activity, good diet, and nutrition, enough sleep, and recovery. Limit addictive substances. Seek help for physical health when needed.
  • Social Well-Being. Develop connections, a sense of belonging, and a reliable support network. Contribute to our groups and communities.
  • Spiritual Well-Being. Develop a sense of meaningfulness and purpose in all aspects of life.

Want to make 2023 your healthiest and most prosperous year ever? Join us on Wednesday, December 7 at 12 noon CT for our Third Annual Lawyer Wellness CLE webinar. This year’s program, “You’re Not Broken: The Neuroscience of Lawyer Well-being,” will use evidence-based research to help boost your personal and professional well-being and enter the new year with renewed enthusiasm. The presenter is Colleen Byers, JD, a seasoned litigator, mediator, legal educator, certified yoga instructor, and 2020 North Carolina Lawyer of the Year. Colleen will show you how to work with neurobiology rather than against it, how to make “Emergency Landings” in stressful situations, and how to avoid “amygdala hijack.” This free, one-hour webinar will help you manage end-of-year holiday stress. And you’ll obtain 2022 CLE credit without leaving your desk! Register here.

ABA Well-Being Toolkit

The ABA Well-Being Toolkit contains best practices, online resources and an 8-Step Action Plan for implementing a wellness program in your practice.

“This Toolkit is designed to help lawyers and legal employers improve well-being holistically and systemically,” says attorney and psychologist Anne Brafford, one of the Toolkit’s creators, in n this ABA article. “This goal will require new choices, considerable effort, and changes that likely will upset the status quo.”

Included in the ABA Well-Being Toolkit: suggested activities, events and educational opportunities; how to assess and track progress on well-being goals; online resources and technology for well-being initiatives; reading recommendations; a list of organizations that focus on lawyer well-being; a list of speakers and consultants on well-being; an activity workbook; a Policy and Practice Audit.

Well-Being Toolkit 8-Step Action Plan

  1. Enlist leaders
  2. Launch a well-being committee
  3. Define well-being
  4. Conduct a needs assessment
  5. Identify priorities
  6. Create and execute an action plan
  7. Create a well-being policy
  8. Continually measure, evaluate and improve


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