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Here are some treats that will sweeten your practice.

Most people only worry about ghouls and goblins at Halloween, but practicing lawyers have to be on guard every day.

Creepy cyber-crooks. Scary scams. Dastardly deadlines. Scream-inducing stress.

It’s frightening out there. But with Alta Pro on your side, there’s nothing to fear. The Alta Pro Lawyers RPG offers goodies like the Pro Practice Playbook, Reminger claims repair, discounts on Clio software and free CLE webinars.

You’ll always have help running your practice and juggling your responsibilities when you have professional liability insurance coverage through Alta Pro Insurance. Here’s how to join.

Here are some Halloween safety tips from the National Confectioners Association. And here are five health considerations for firms and small businesses to keep in mind.

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And here’s something super sweet: a checklist of important steps to take when a lawyer leaves your firm.

It’s all treats and no tricks when you have professional liability insurance coverage through Alta Pro Insurance. Here’s how to join.


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