Attention June 12th, 2024 Webinar Attendees, please click here to complete our Survey or Attendance Verification and Credit Request Form. (required for CLE credit)

Important! June 12th, 2024 Webinar Attendees, please click here to complete our Survey or Verification Request Form.

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Join us December 14 for the webinar "Take Control of Your Well-being"

There’s still time to register for our wellness webinar and earn an hour of free CLE without leaving your desk!

The theme of our Fourth Annual Wellness Webinar is “Take Control of Your Well-Being,” and presenter Colleen Byers – back by popular demand – will show you how to do just that.

The program will feature an interactive format where attendees will have a chance to assess their own well-being in an online poll. Colleen will analyze the poll results in real time.

How have you been coping professionally over the past month? (choose all that apply)
– I am often worn out before the workday is over
– I am less patient
– I am frequently unmotivated
– I have trouble focusing and concentrating
– I am experiencing some of those things at times, but overall I’m coping pretty well
– I am coping well

2. Which of the following do you find most challenging? (Choose one)
– Maintaining a healthy work-life balance
– Finding time for exercise and physical fitness
– Financial pressure
– The stress of working with people in distress day in and day out
– Maintaining positive personal and professional relationships

 3. Which of the following are a part of your self-care practice? (Choose all that apply)
– Mindfulness or meditation
– Gym membership
– My church
– Spending time with family and friends
– Taking regular vacations and work breaks
– My state bar’s lawyer assistance program
– I don’t have time for self-care

How would you rate your general wellbeing? On most days, do you feel healthy, happy and capable? Or hurried, harried and worn out? Find out on Thursday, December 14 at 12 noon CT for our free, one-hour CLE webinar: “Take Control of Your Well-being.” This is the fourth annual installment of our popular Lawyer Wellness webinar. Back by popular demand as presenter is the sensational Colleen Byers, JD, a seasoned litigator, mediator, legal educator, certified yoga instructor, and 2020 North Carolina Lawyer of the Year. Colleen’s tips and encouragement will help you finish 2023 strong and start 2024 off right! Register here for “Take Control of Your Well-being.” Free! Just one of many benefits available to members of the Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group (RPG). Learn more here.


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