Does Your Law Office Cybersecurity Plan Meet the Rule 1.1 Standard?

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Attend our Cyber Security 2023 Landscape webinar on July 13.

New and more insidious cyber threats to your law practice are emerging daily. Cloud data storage heightens the risk. So does working remotely, or even using email. Meanwhile, lawyers have an ethical duty to be technologically competent – and make sure their staff is too.

Can you meet that ethical standard?

The live one-hour CLE* webinar Law Firm Cyberthreat Landscape 2023 Mid-Year Report will help you get up to speed. Join us online July 13 at Noon CST and you will:

  • Discover the Top Cyber Threats and the Emerging Risks.
  • Hear from an Expert Ransomware Negotiator.
  • Find out how Zero-Trust Cybersecurity can protect your practice.
  • Learn about the ABA’s First-Ever Guidelines for AI Usage.
  • See actual data breach case studies.
  • Come away with best practices for your law firm.

The presenter is Jamey Davidson, a partner with O’Hagan Meyer in Chicago who practices, writes and lectures in the fields of cyber risk management, breach response, and professional liability.

You DO NOT want to miss this CLE webinar. To register, just click here.

June 13, 2023
12 noon CT
Presenter: Jamey Davidson, Esq.

* CLE credit pending


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