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Alta Pro Practice Blog Mid-Year 2023 Roundup: 8 Key Cybersecurity Posts

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Top Cybersecurity Hits from the Alta Pro Blog!

There’s no better place to stay on top of breaking cyber developments than the Alta Pro Practice Blog.

Fresh, insightful content – easy to read, with useful links – is posted regularly. Every post is published with one goal in mind: making your practice safer and more successful.

Below are eight posts published from January-June 2023 on the Alta Pro Practice Blog that cover cybersecurity developments from “Zero Trust” cybersecurity to tips on choosing a cloud service provider.

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1. Effective Law Office Branding Includes Cybersecurity Specifics

Law firm branding is a process, not an event. It includes your firm’s logo, color scheme and website – and your cybersecurity strategy. It sets client expectations about the nature and quality of your legal services. And it requires intentionality and continuous effort, although it needn’t be expensive or time-consuming.

Read the full post in the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.
Date of original post January 2, 2023

2. The Greatest Cyberthreat is Inside Your Office

As much as we like to rage against the machine, the truth is that most data breaches – a whopping 82 percent, in fact – are the result of human error, not computer error.

It happens when employees are not paying attention or they are not properly trained. Phishing attacks are also prevalent, with perpetrators hiding malicious links in emails.

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.
Date of original post January 31, 2023

3. Law Firms Are Spending Big on Videoconferencing and Cybersecurity

Four out of 10 solo and small firm lawyers adopted some form of new technology in 2022, with the largest spends in the areas of videoconferencing, telecommunications and cybersecurity.

This was actually a slower pace than in recent years, according to the Thomson Reuters 2022 Report on the State of US Small Law Firms.

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.

Date of original post February 8, 2023

4. Email Phishing Scams are Spiking

Tax season is not just a busy time for accountants – email scammers are working overtime as well.

One current scam that has been detected from Maine to Alaska is a W-2 email spoof, in which recipients receive a link to access their tax forms online.

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.
Date of original post February 14, 2023

5. “Zero Trust” is the New Standard for CyberSafety

When it comes to law firm cybersecurity, “trust, but verify” is a good approach.

But a “zero trust” mindset is even better.

The term “zero trust” – also called zero trust architecture, zero trust network access, or perimiterless security – has been bouncing around the IT world since the 1990s. But only recently has it entered the mainstream.

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.
Date of original post March 1, 2023

6. AI Hype Inspires New Cyber Threats

The recent hype regarding Artificial Intelligence has inspired a new wave of email phishing attacks.

In one scenario, the email recipient is given a link for a free download of ChatGPT or some other AI product. Clicking on the link activates malware that can steal passwords and data from your network

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice blog here.

Date of original post March 31, 2023

7. Is Your Firm an Egg or a Rock Regarding Cybersecurity?

Is your law practice fragile like an egg or antifragile like a rock?

A fragile law practice is one that struggles under pressure and has difficulty dealing with change. An antifragile firm blossoms in the face of adversity.

CLIO founder Jack Newton shares his insights in this blogpost.

Read the full post in the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.

Date of original post April 30, 2023

8. Safety Tips When Choosing a Cloud Service Provider

Forty percent of law firms used cloud-based technology for data storage in 2022 – up from only 3 percent in 2020.

Also: 60 percent of large firms moved their document management systems to the cloud in 2022.

Those statistics show that the era of cloud computing has definitely arrived.

Read the full post on the Alta Pro Practice Blog here.

Date of original post June 1, 2023


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