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Free Marketing Cornucopia for Small Firms

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Working with influencers and nonprofits could be your ticket.

In this Thanksgiving season, solo and small firm lawyers can be grateful for the many free marketing opportunities available to them.

Such as posting a short video on your website that breaks down a trending legal issue. Or publishing a white paper on LinkedIn that establishes you as a go-to attorney in a given niche.

Neither of these ideas have to cost a penny (you could shoot the video on your phone or laptop and upload it to Youtube yourself) and both could extend your reach to a vast audience.

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New innovations in technology and emerging trends in marketing have opened up exciting possibilities for small law firms. Here are 9 suggestions from the Forbes Agency Council, which polled a group of its members and asked them to share their top marketing tactics.

  1. Create content that adds value. “The most critical and effective way is to create and publish value-added content. Give people a reason to follow your journey that does not include you attempting to sell your products. If you add value consistently over time, you will gain an audience that inherently comes to you when your service is needed. Add value first, and the revenue will follow.” (Ryan Sprance, Kaihatsu Media)
  2. Share your expertise. “Social media is the obvious free marketing solution for many small businesses, but you can up your game by offering more than goodwill or self-promotion. Webinars, how-to videos, infographics and white papers are all great ways to offer value to potential customers and display your knowledge. Focus on educating your customers to deliver a soft sell that positions you as the expert.” (Hannah Trivette, NUVEW Web Solutions)
  3. Work with local influencers. “They can help with forming a strong community around your brand and build your brand awareness at the same time.” (Emilie Tabor, Influencer Marketing Agency)
  4. Fill out your Google My Business profile. “It may take a bit of elbow grease, but correctly and completely filling out your Google My Business profile is one of the first big steps in local marketing. Filling this profile out thoroughly, combined with other major local listings, can definitely get you on the local search radar. Sprinkle in some five-star reviews from clients and you are well on your way!” (Andrew Oziemblo, Chicago SEO Geeks)
  5. Do civic work. “Getting involved in your community, lending branded products for use in local productions and events, and volunteering your time can make a huge impact on your business.” (JC Hite, Hite Digital)
  6. Partner with a Nonprofit. “Connecting with your ideal client and competing for market share can be expensive. Sometimes the best use of your budget is to partner with a cause that is close to your brand in the form of donating funds as an incentive for organic engagement on your social media profiles. This provides you an opportunity to spend your budget on a tax-deductible organization and provide relevant, shareable content.” (Amanda Ellis Stein, Logical Position)
  7. Get listed in directories. “There are online directories that will let you list your business and a short description of what you do. These directories often do well in search results, and the placement can improve your search traffic, too. Many of these directories have paid options for additional visibility, but the basic listing is often free.” (Scott Baradell, Idea Grove)
  8. Pitch a story to the media. “Media outlets have reporters who are looking for something newsworthy to do stories about. If you or your company are doing something that could be considered newsworthy, create a pitch and send it.” (Nancy Marshall, Marshall Communications)
  9. Offer a free sample. “Sampling is tried-and-true and incredibly cost-effective. A direct route to discovery is still the best way to win a customer. If you offer a service, then a trial or ‘test drive’ serves the same purpose.” (Lon Otremba, Bidtellect)

Source: Forbes

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