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8 Ways to Future-Proof Your Practice

How to prepare for what tomorrow may bring.

There’s no way to predict the future – especially in a profession that’s changing as rapidly as the law – but you can future-proof your practice by preparing for emerging trends.

Going paperless is one such trend. Do this by emailing invoices, converting paper media to digital, and using cloud technology. You’ll save time, money and storage space.

Another trend to get ahead of: work-from-home flexibility for employees. This will give you a recruiting advantage while reducing overhead and increasing retention.

“Ensure that you’re ready for change: whether change is occurring in trends, markets, customers, or even economies,” writes Meredith Wood on the business website Fundera. “By investing time, money, and effort into preparing for the future, you’re showing your customers and competitors that you’re ready for whatever the road ahead throws at you.”

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Here are 8 trends to prepare for, courtesy of Wood and Fundera:

  1. Mobile payments. Mobile payment platforms like Square, Apple Pay or Google Pay let clients pay your bills with their phones. You’ll get paid quicker and give your clients a better experience.
  2. Artificial Intelligence. Leverage AI by implementing website chatbots and automating everyday tasks.
  3. Wearable technology. Fitbits and Apple watches can promote wellness, increase productivity and improve connectivity.
  4. Recycling and energy efficiency. Consider installing motion-sensor lighting in your office and unplugging electronics when not in use. Also: recycle or upcycle office furniture, appliances and décor.
  5. Modern benefits. Offering benefits like parental leave and extended paid vacations will make your firm more attractive to top talent and keep them loyal when they come on board.
  6. Career development. Show your employees they are valuable by offering opportunities to advance their education and broaden their skillsets.
  7. New office layouts. Redesign your floorplan to embrace open space and do away with cubicles. An added bonus: a fresh design will boost morale and streamline operations.
  8. Mindfulness and wellness. Show that these topics are top of mind by offering standing desks, fitness challenges, quiet rooms and other things that will promote employee wellbeing.

By keeping up with the pace of change, you will make your clients happy, engender staff loyalty, and demonstrate to your competitors that you are here for the long haul.
Source: Fundera

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