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7 Ways to Grow Your Law Practice

Is your website optimized for voice search?

If you firm hasn’t formally claimed its Google knowledge panel, you could be losing out on new business.

The same goes for not having optimized your website for voice search.

“Most firms have not optimized for voice search even though there are now billions of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant devices out there, and billions of users asking these devices billions of questions each month,” according to Attorney at Work. “Every law firm should make sure its website and services and products can be found by voice because the questions people ask Alexa/Siri/Google are more structured than those that are typed.”

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Here are six other marketing tips from Attorney at Work and contributor Julie Savarino.

  1. Level up your LinkedIn game. “Educate all lawyers on how to optimize their LinkedIn connections for new client development purposes,” writes Savarino.
  2. Create a social media policy. “Most firms’ policies are not up to date, nor do they include guidelines on the permissible use of personal mobile devices at work, which, pre-pandemic, accounted for approximately five to eight hours of work lost per week for the average employee.”
  3. Brand your posts. “A few major firms brand their social media posts very effectively, such as Bain & Co., EY, PwC, and Morrison & Foerster, among others. But most do not. Check out Bain & Co. on LinkedIn to see how every graphic in its posts is customized using the colors of the firm’s brand and how all the posts have a similar look and feel. Bain also inserts branded borders or firm logos within images before posting them. Most firms and professionals do not brand the majority of their social media posts, which can be as simple as applying a common border to all images before posting.”
  4. Grow your social media audience. Ask lawyers and staff to connect and interact with their teammates on social media.
  5. Publish on Amazon. Whether publishing existing firm content or new content, the benefits of publishing on Amazon are tremendous, but few law firms do so.
  6. How about a podcast? “The market for podcasts is growing every year. Listener demographics skew affluent, speaking is great training and exposure, and podcasts can be a talent attraction and retention magnet that lawyers value (especially younger lawyers and those with consumer-facing practices). Podcasting is now a billion-dollar business with approximately 100 million people expected to listen to podcasts in the United States in 2021.”

What about your firm? What things are you doing to bring in new business? 

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