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7 Ways to Attract New Clients in 2020

A simple "checking-in" letter can bring in new business.

One way to get new business is to re-connect with former clients you might have forgotten about.

You can do this with a simple “checking-in” email or letter. Follow up on their case. Ask if everything is going okay, and if any new issues have arisen. Who knows? They might need your help again.

“This is about being helpful and showing you care about the client,” says the website ClientFlow. “This can lead to a small project or even spark a new conversation about hiring you. If not, you’re still putting yourself on their radar and might see some referrals coming your way.”

Another tip: see what other firms are doing to attract new clients. What marketing and messaging strategies are they using? The goal is not to copy your competitors but differentiate yourself from them.

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7 Ways to Attract More Business

  1. Know who your clients are. You can waste a ton of time and money chasing after the wrong clients. Research your book of business. What type of cases and clients are you getting now? Do you want this pattern to continue, or would you like to make a change? Which cases do you handle most efficiently? Which yield the highest margin? Use the answers to these questions to create an Ideal Client Profile. How can you reach these Ideal Clients? How can you make their lives better?
  2. Ask for referrals. Don’t sit back and wait for referrals to come flooding in. Go out and get them. Start with satisfied clients. Some may already be singing your praises to their friends and relatives. Others may be too busy or preoccupied. Call, write or email them. Grow your practice organically.
  3. Sponsor or host an event. “Hosting local events related to your product or service can drive new faces into your business and foster a sense of community,” writes Sean Peek in this US Chamber of Commerce blogpost. “This can be a powerful driving force for both new and existing customers. Get creative and build fun events for your customers to attend.”
  4. Create robust profiles on LinkedIn and Google My Business. Make sure your online information is complete and up-to-date. Especially your contact information. Import your contact lists and connect with as many people in your network as possible. Share blogposts, photos, videos, press releases and other content on your sites.
  5. Network the old-fashioned way. Choose events where you’ll be the only lawyer in the room, “Instead of sitting behind the computer all week, plan to go to a meetup or a conference where your prospective clients may be mingling,” says ClientFlow. “If you go to meetups where all your competitors are, you’ll have a hard time finding people that need your services.”
  6. Speak at events. Volunteer to be a presenter at a Continuing Legal Education program. You will position yourself as a thought leader in your field and cultivate peer-to-peer referrals. Or go directly to potential clients and offer to speak at an industry conference. Be sure to bring lots of business cards.
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What suggestions would you add to this list?

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