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Avoid These 3 Bad Cyber Habits At All Costs

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Does your system use multi-factor authentication?

Number one on the list of bad cybersecurity practices is failing to use multi-factor authentication.

Law firms that use single-factor authentication to enter critical data systems are playing with fire, according to the Cybsersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Here are the top three on the CISA list of Bad Practices:

  • Using single-factor authentication
  • Using unsupported or “end-of-life” software
  • Using weak or default passwords and credentials

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Most Widely Used Law Firm Cybersecurity Tools

  • Spam filter (81 percent; this may be under-reported because most email service providers have at least basic spam filters)
  • Software-based firewalls (75 percent)
  • Anti-spyware (75 percent)
  • Mandatory passwords (70 percent)
  • Antivirus for desktops/laptops as well as for e-mail (both about 70 percent)
  • Intrusion detection and prevention systems (33 percent)

[Source: 2021 ABA TechReport]

Here are some law office technology usage statistics from the 2021 ABA Survey:

  •  53 percent of responding firms have a data retention policy
  • 60 percent have a policy on email use
  • 56 percent for internet use
  • 57 percent for computer acceptable use
  • 56 percent for remote access
  • 48 percent for social media
  • 32 percent personal technology use/BYOD
  • 44 percent for employee privacy

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