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Tips on Choosing a Chatbot for Your Firm’s Website

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Be sure to protect confidential data.

Want to know more about using a chatbot for your firm’s website?

You’ve come to the right place.

An AI-powered chat tool, chatbot, or virtual receptionist could be an effective frontline marketing tool. But you should know what to look for, and what pitfalls to avoid.

“Chat tools are an affordable and practical way for law firms to provide potential clients with information and can also be used to obtain intake information,” writes lawyer and tech expert Nicole Black in the ABA Journal. “By taking advantage of live chat tools or AI-powered chatbots, your firm will be more responsive and ultimately, more successful.”

Risk Management Alert: with most tools, you will be entrusting some of your law firm’s confidential client data to a third party.

“Accordingly, you have an ethical obligation to thoroughly vet your chosen provider, since all data will be housed on servers owned by a third party,” writes Black. “This duty includes ensuring you understand how that company will handle the data; where the servers on which the data will be stored are located; who will have access to the data; and how and when it will be backed up—among other things.”

Read “Reach More Clients With Chat Tools” in the ABA Journal.

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Virtual Receptionist Services and Chatbots

Ruby and offer standalone live chat tools. Pricing for Ruby starts at $129 per month for up to 10 chats. From Black: “ offers both live and AI-powered chat tools. The free AI chatbot provides a personal assistant that can be added to your firm’s website. It captures leads, completes client intake and schedules appointments. also offers staffed chat tools with live agents starting at $10 per chat for up to 20 live chats, and beyond that the price per chat is reduced based on the subscription plan you sign up for. Full pricing information is available here.”

Other options worth investigating:

Gideon. This chatbot was co-founded by Jared Correia, a well-known law practice consultant. It streamlines client intake for law firms by qualifying leads, routing calls, scheduling appointments, creating new client matters and assembling documents based on chatbot responses.

LawDroid. This company creates customized automation tools for law firms, including chatbots.

YoTengoBot. This is designed for use by immigration lawyers.

KLoBot. Create a custom-built chatbot for your website.

Source: ABA Journal Reach new clients with chat tools for your law firm’s website (

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