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10 Takeaways on Law Firm Branding

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Greatest hits from our March 29 webinar.

If you missed our latest CLE webinar on law firm branding, here’s good news.

This blogpost will recap some of the highlights from our March 29 free, one-hour program, Law Firm Branding: Practical Tips and Ethical Traps.

Such as: before you embark on branding (or rebranding) your practice, complete this Haiku of What You Do, courtesy of Matt Homann: Who do you help? (5 words) / How do you help them? (7 words) / Why are you uniquely qualified to help? (5 words)

Another tip: contact your State Bar with questions about whether a proposed branding activity is proper or not. Ask them to review your branding ideas. If possible, obtain ethical “pre-clearance” before putting them into practice.

Do you know one simple step that will reduce your risk of wire fraud to near zero? Can you name the Three C’s of Law Firm Branding? Do you understand how amygdala hijack might be sabotaging your law practice? You would know the answers to these and other important questions if you attended our recent CLE webinars. These free lunch-hour programs – which feature nationally-recognized experts offering practical tips and guidance on crucial issues affecting the legal industry – are just one of the many benefits available to you as a member of the Alta Pro Risk Purchasing Group (RPG). Do you practice in Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or Michigan? You may be eligible for regular Pro Practice e-Alerts, the Pro Practice Blog, Reminger Law’s ProLink risk hotline, discounts on CLIO practice management software, free consultations with the Risk Pro and more – without even knowing it. Register here and start enjoying your Alta Pro RPG benefits.

10 Takeaways from Law Firm Branding Webinar

  • Understand your ethical obligations. The starting point is Rule of Professional Conduct 7(Information About Legal Services). Research the rules in your jurisdiction regarding disclosures and disclaimers for legal ads, solicitations and communications. Vet all outside vendors, marketing consultants, and ad agencies for ethical compliance. Make ethics a priority in your Marketing Plan.
  • Avoid calling yourself a “specialist” if you haven’t been certified as such by your state’s regulatory authority. The same goes for deeming yourself an “expert” or touting your services as “the best.”
  • Be truthful in your marketing and branding efforts. It is a violation of Rule of Professional Conduct 7.1 to publish information about yourself or your firm that is false or misleading.
  • What is the “implied promise” of your brand? Do you return calls promptly? Do you go the extra mile? Whatever promises you make to potential clients, be sure to follow through with action and results.
  • Focus on Client-Centered Branding. The client’s interests come first. Listen to your clients; let them know you are on their side and there for them. Manage your client’s expectations. Under-promise and over-deliver.
  • Use client testimonials. Let others promote your brand through testimonials, online reviews and referrals.
  • Include required disclaimers, disclosures and user restrictions on your website and marketing materials. Failure to do so could lead to an ethics complaint or worse.
  • Make sure your website is in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Here is a free online tool that does an ADA compliance analysis of your website.
  • Provide quality service. Clients hire lawyers, not brands.
  • Ask for help from the Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group. From learning about social media best practices to finding a good website creator, the team at the Alta Pro Lawyers RPG is here to help.

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