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Great Gifts For Lawyers This Christmas

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From paper clips to fancy keyboards.

Is a sleek, portable paper shredder on your Christmas list?

How about a pair of Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses? Or maybe something simple, like a stack of yellow legal pads?

All of those selections are among the 12 Lawyer-Approved Gifts for the Lawyer in Your Life from the website Slickdeals. The list is a compendium of presents vetted by real-life JDs.

“Guilty as charged,” writes Christine Petersen in this article for Slickdeals. “To get you started on shopping for your favorite lawyer, here’s a selection of gifts that are lawyer-approved.”

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12 Christmas Gifts for Lawyers

Here are the dozen items that made the Slickdeals list:

  1. LegalBoard Wireless Keyboard. “Many lawyers spend their days typing, typing and typing some more, so why not get them a keyboard with built-in shortcuts designed specifically for lawyers?” writes  Peterson. “For example, you can insert common legal terms and citations or add legal symbols with a single keystroke.” LegalBoard Wireless ($85.00; wired version $10 less).
  2. The Remarkable 2 tablet. “A next-generation tablet that not only lets you read and review documents but also lets you take handwritten notes and convert them into text. And you can make those notes accessible on all your devices.” The Remarkable 2 ($399.99)
  3. Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder. This four-gallon shredder hides under a desk and is easy to assemble. AmazonBasics 8-Sheet Capacity, Cross-Cut Paper and Credit Card Shredder, 4.1 Gallon ($42.66)
  4. Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug. You can set the temperature on your smartphone. Your coffee will stay warm for hours. Ember Temperature Control Smart Coffee Mug 2, 10 oz, White/Black ($99.95)
  5. Uni-Ball Retractable Blue Gel Pens. Lawyers like blue ink for legal documents, and Uni-Ball is a blue-chip choice. Uni-Ball 1790895 Signo 207 Retractable Gel Pen, Bold Point, Blue Ink, 12-Count ($13.07)
  6. Kotoyas Rug Mouse Pad. “This mouse pad is just plain fun. It will make office guests stop and do a double-take,” according to Peterson. “It looks like someone shrunk a life-size rug down to a cute, tiny table-top accessory. Amazon carries an assortment of rug-like mouse pads in all colors and designs.” Kotoyas Rug Mouse Pad, Oriental Carpet Style Persian Mouse Pad (Rhine) ($9.99)
  7. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses. These will ease eyestrain and protect you from glare. Gamma Ray Blue Light Blocking Glasses ($17.99)
  8. Neckties. You can never go wrong with new, stylish neckwear. Nordstrom’s All Men’s Ties Sale & Clearance  ($27.89)
  9. Legal pads 8 ½ x 11. Sure, it’s a cliché. But they’re inexpensive, practical, nd always in demand. AmazonBasics Legal/Wide Ruled Legal Pad – (50 Sheet Paper Pads, 12 pack) ($12.99)
  10. Copy printer paper. Perfect for your firm’s Secret Santa event. AmazonBasics Multipurpose Copy Paper – White, 8.5 x 11, 8 Ream Case (4,000 Sheets) ($28.87)
  11. Paper clips. If you can’t find legal pads or paper, go with paper clips. AmazonBasics No. 1 Paper Clips, Nonskid, 100 Clip per Box, 10-Pack  ($8.29)
  12. Catalog mailing envelopes. You can get them for about 10 cents apiece. AmazonBasics Catalog Mailing Envelopes, Peel & Seal, 6×9 Inch, 250-Pack  ($24.99)

Source: Great Christmas Gifts For Lawyers—Chosen by Lawyers 2021 (

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