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7 Ways to Attract New Clients in a Pandemic

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It all starts with good communication.

In these unprecedented days of social distancing, client communication is more important than ever.

It’s also the best way to keep your practice safe, successful and growing.

“To win new clients, communication is the key,” writes Don Romanek for Martindale-Avvo. “Right now, your potential clients need help, but they don’t know what type of help is available. If you want to be part of the next upswing, it is imperative that you offer reassurances to clients by letting them know you are ready to handle their issue.”

And it’s not all about adding new business. It’s about being present and listening. The primary thing clients are looking for, Romanek says, is basic information, such as:

  • Are you open and available for consultations?
  • Do we need to meet in person?
  • Will you work over the phone and/or video conference?
  • Are the courts open if needed to handle my issue?
  • Will I be required to sign documents in person?
  • How long will the process take? Will it be delayed

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7 Other COVID Communication Tips

  1. Website messaging. Put a notice on your home page confirming that you’re open for business. Post your hours. Let people know the best way to contact you. Consider adding relevant links, checklists and resources.
  2. Be a helper. It’s likely that every one of your clients has some COVID-related concern. A family law client might have a question about sending their child back to school. A small business client might worry about liability to employees who contract the virus. Even if you can’t answer their specific questions, you can refer them to a lawyer who can. At the very least, you can listen. That may be all they need.
  3. Use video. “According to HubSpot, video on a landing page will increase conversions by more than 80 percent,” writes Romanek. “Now is a great time to create a brand video to build awareness, showcase services and attract a wider audience. Here are some tips on creating your own video: (a) You can do this yourself with an iPhone or DSLR camera; (b) keep your video short – 30-60 seconds is long enough; (c) introduce yourself, confirm you are open and how to reach you; (d) tell how you can help with a few primary practice areas.”
  4. Offer video consultations. “There are many solutions today that allow you to have a live video conference so you can conduct business remotely,” writes Romanek. “Be sure to share this information on your website, across your social media, in email signatures and when you respond to leads.”
  5. Blog posts. “Write thoughtful blogs that provide more detailed answers to questions that you’re receiving from clients,” writes Romanek. “Be sure to mention how your expertise or areas of practice make you qualified to help them during this time. You can also write transparent posts on how coronavirus is impacting your business as well as the legal community.”
  6. Social media. “Social media sharing is a great way to get referral business. Are you adding regular updates to Facebook and Twitter? A few words about changes to your business, current events, or to let viewers know about a recent blog post, will show that your firm is active and reassure potential clients that they are in the right place.”
  7. Watch for new opportunities. “Bankruptcy attorneys are likely to see an uptick due to unemployment and businesses forced to close,” writes Romanek. “Divorce lawyers may also see a spike due to increased tension from financial issues and close confinement. Estate planning law firms might notice a spike from consumers rethinking their future. The list goes on.”

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