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Learn best cyber practices for your firm.

You asked for it, and Alta Pro delivers!

In our previous webinars on Cyber Security, we covered the basics of cyber risks and the dangers of social engineering scams.

Chapter 4 promises to be our best cyber webinar yet! We will cover real-life horror stories of actual wire fraud claims and losses, and our experts will offer an insider’s perspective on the threat landscape small firms face today.

Our featured speakers include Nathan Little, Sr. VP Of Digital Forensics at Tetra Defense, and James Davidson, Partner at O’Hagan Meyer Law Firm.

Stay a step ahead of the cyber criminals by attending our FREE, one-hour CLE webinar “Chapter 4: Cyber Security Best Practices for your Law Firm in 2021” on March 23. The presenters are digital forensics specialist Nathan Little, of Tetra Defense, who will demonstrate simple, commonsense ways to stay safe, and attorney James Davidson – a nationally-recognized expert on cyber liability who defends lawyers and firms in malpractice cases. Register here.

Chapter 4: Cyber Security Best Practices for your Law Firm in 2021

In an information-packed hour, our expert speakers will provide:

  • Practical and inexpensive tips that any solo or small law firm can use to protect their business, without having to be an IT expert.
  • Easy, step by step instructions on how to protect your firm.
  • Actual demonstrations on how ransomware attacks occur.
  • Graphic illustrations of the importance of backups, cloud and on-premises security.
  • Tips for safe remote access (99 percent of all incidents are caused by exposed remote desktops).
  • A demonstration of the risks of Windows Remote Desktop.

    So please join us, and earn free CLE as well!

    CLE is pending approval in IN, IL, OH, WI, IA, TX, MI, MN, and reciprocal states.

If you practice in Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, you can stay on top of ethics and risk management news by being a member of Alta Pro Lawyers RPG. You’ll get access to free webinars, the Pro Practice Playbook, Reminger ProLink, Ask the Risk Pro and more. Here’s how to join.

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