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Here's how you can participate.

Law Day – an annual celebration of our profession – is coming up on May 1.

There are ways for you, your office and your clients to participate. The theme of Law Day 2023 is “Cornerstones of Democracy: Civics, Civility, and Collaboration.”

“The first component, civics, centers around understanding how the government functions and the role each citizen plays in upholding a democratic society,” according to the ABA, the event’s sponsor. “The second element, civility, underscores the need for respectful and courteous public discourse. This is essential for fostering healthy debate and bridging gaps between differing opinions. Collaboration, the final aspect of the theme, emphasizes the importance of working together across different sectors. It highlights that legal professionals, government officials, and citizens can unite to address shared challenges and achieve common goals.”

Here is a History of Law Day.

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Five Ways to Celebrate Law Day

Here are some suggested Law Day activities, courtesy of CLIO:

  • Prioritize the three cornerstones. “Discuss with colleagues and peers practical steps to promote these values in their professional lives,” writes CLIO. “This may involve participating in pro bono work, engaging in community events, or joining forces with other legal professionals to address societal challenges.”
  • Go public. Write an article for your local newspaper. Give a talk at your child’s school. Publish Law Day posts on social media. Check out this Law Day Conversation Guide.
  • Attend a Law Day event. Find out if any opportunities are offered by your state or local bar associations. Or organize an activity yourself.
  • Nominate someone for a Law Day Award. Know a person or group that exemplifies Law Day values? Submit a nomination for a Law Day Award here. Note: You can only do this after the fact. Applications run from May 1st to June 30th.
  • Have an office get-together. Assemble your team for a special luncheon or outing to discuss Law Day and what it means for your firm and clients.

History of Law Day (

What Is Law Day 2023 (and How to Get Involved) (

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