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Does Your Firm Need a Ransomware Stress Test?

Discover your system's vulnerabilities.

Have you performed a ransomware readiness test on your law practice?

If not, now is a good time to do one, with email phishing campaigns and ransomware incidents reaching record high levels.

A readiness test lets a law firm assess its level of preparation to defend against – and recover from – a ransomware attack. Some tests attempt to penetrate the firm’s systems. Others send simulated phishing emails to see if attorneys and staff will take the bait.

One popular tool is the Ransomware Stress Test developed by cybersecurity firm Tetra Defense.

“It’s not just a 10-question quiz,” according to Tetra Defense. “The Ransomware Stress Test evaluates over 15 areas of an organization’s configuration and procedures and measures the organization’s ability to Identify, Protect, Detect, and Respond & Recover to ransomware based on the NIST framework. Your test results reveal your strengths and challenges, as well as a clear list of action items to improve your score based on the downfalls we encounter most. We dive into over 40 different areas of your cybersecurity environment to identify areas of strength, as well as your areas of weakness.”

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What is Ransomware and How Can You Protect Yourself?

Ransomware is a species of malware in which cyber criminals use encryption to deny victims access to their own data until a ransom is paid. Attacks occur when users click on a phishing email or visit an infected website. They also exploit weaknesses in the target’s system.

“The deployment of ransomware is not an instantaneous process, but instead is a symptom of a larger problem that in most cases is an indication of a network intrusion,” according to Tetra Defense. “These actions set into motion a series of events that allow threat actors to infiltrate the victim’s network, navigate through it, and eventually deploy the ransomware payload. While many times the motivation of the threat actor is purely financial in nature – to collect ransom money, there are times where data exfiltration or where the threat actor maintains an ongoing presence in the affected network.”

Ransomware Stress Test results shed light on where exactly you need to beef up your defenses and response strategy.

“We help businesses respond and recover from ransomware attacks on a daily basis so we know how things evolve. Our Incident Response efforts inform our Ransomware Stress Test. We continuously update it to evaluate your ability to identify, protect, detect, respond and recover.”

Click here to learn more about Tetra Defense’s Ransomware Stress Test.

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Source: Tetra Defense’s RST

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