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Remembering and honoring.

Memorial Day, which honors US military service members who paid the ultimate sacrifice, is one of our nation’s most solemn traditions.

But did you know it was not even a national holiday until 1917? Or that it was originally called Decoration Day, in light of the practice of decorating the graves of lost loved ones with flowers – which is also why it is celebrated in the blossoming month of May?

Alta Pro hopes you have a safe and happy Memorial Day, as we honor those who have fallen but will never be forgotten.

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6 Interesting Facts About Memorial Day

  • It started after the Civil War. So many had been lost in the conflict – a stunning 620,000 – that a national cemetery was built, and Americans across the country began holding rituals each spring to honor the lost soldiers by decorating their graves.
  • After World War I, the day expanded to include the tradition of honoring all who have died in all American wars.
  • Some say one of the first Memorial Day events was in Charleston, South Carolina less than a month after the Civil War ended. Other locations, including Macon and Columbus, Georgia; Richmond, Virginia; Boalsburg, Pennsylvania also claim to have hosted the first one.
  • In 1966, the federal government proclaimed Waterloo, New York as the holiday’s official birthplace.
  • Federal guidelines indicate that flags on the holiday be flown at half-staff — but only until noon. That’s when they should be swiftly raised to the top of the pole until sunset.
  • The National Moment of Remembrance takes place at 3 PM local time around the country

Source: Yahoo News and Newsweek

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