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2023 Law Firm Branding Checklist, Part 5: Activate Your Brand

Here Are 40 Ways To Do It

Welcome to the final installment of our five-part 2023 Law Firm Branding Checklist blog series, designed especially for solo and small firms.

In prior posts, we learned about the Haiku of What You Do, the Two Cs of Branding, the importance of a Branding Self-Assessment, and how brands trigger our emotions.

Now it’s time to put all that knowledge into action!

Now more than ever, solo and small law firms need a distinctive and unique brand. Otherwise, they risk being swept away by the stormy seas of stiff competition, economic uncertainty and market disruption. Alta Pro is here to help. We created the 2023 Law Firm Branding Checklist to guide lawyers in solo and small firms through the step-by-step process of building a winning brand. The checklist and accompanying blogposts cover everything from choosing the right brand to marketing your brand effectively. Discover other ways Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group (RPG) can keep your practice safe and successful.

40 Ways to Activate Your Brand

  1. Firm name, logo, tagline
  2. Business cards, brochures, signage
  3. Bills, invoices and payment reminders
  4. Customized email template with logo
  5. Color palette, fonts and design elements that convey how you want clients to feel about your firm
  6. Consistent voice and tone in all content
  7. Email newsletters
  8. “Check out our new look” announcement
  9. Customized client birthday cards, holiday greetings, thank-you cards and “just checking in” notes
  10. Marketing materials highlight new brand
  11. Review all advertising for brand consistency
  12. Create a budget for branding
  13. Client surveys and feedback
  14. Client Relationship Management data
  15. Client Intake forms
  16. Client testimonials and online reviews – thank clients for positive review
  17. Emphasize your experience, notable accomplishments and unique qualifications
  18. Video content on your website
  19. Virtual tour of your office
  20. Video walkthroughs to educate prospects on what to expect
  21. Have a robust, modern, interactive website
  22. Use chatbots for instant scheduling
  23. Have a comprehensive FAQ page
  24. Create a website Knowledge Base to showcase your expertise
  25. Offer DIY tools to attract prospects
  26. Start a blog that will appeal to target clients
  27. Meet clients where they are
  28. Compile a list of your 10 best referral sources and reach out to them regularly
  29. Sponsor a local event
  30. Be active and visible in your community
  31. Present a free seminar to the public on a hot topic
  32. Read what your best clients read, join their associations, go where they go
  33. Post informational videos on your website
  34. Advertise on local websites that serve your geographic area and clientele
  35. Claim your Google My Business profile
  36. Add images, graphics and videos to your Google My Business profile
  37. List your firm on other referral sites like AVVO, Martindale-Hubbell and Lawyers.com
  38. Have a robust LinkedIn profile
  39. Focus on 1-2 social media channels
  40. Use Web analytics to gauge performance

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