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Pro Practice Playbook is Your Guide to Success

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Want to win the Super Bowl of Law? Start here.

What do championship sports teams and Alta Pro Lawyers RPG members have in common?

Answer: they both have a playbook to guide them to success.

A sports playbook contains strategies for success on the field. The Pro Practice Playbook – available to law firms with professional liability coverage through Alta Pro Insurance – contains strategies for success in the law.

When you’re insured through Alta Pro, you’re automatically enrolled in the Alta Pro Lawyers RPG (Risk Purchasing Group). If you haven’t visited the RPG website yet, check it out now. You’ll find lots of valuable practice tools and resources, including free CLE webinars, the Reminger ProLink claim repair hotline, Ask the Risk Pro consultations, and discounts on Clio cloud-based software.

You also get 24/7 access to the Pro Practice Playbook, which covers everything from forming your firm to winding it down, from collecting fees to retaining files, from getting new clients to avoiding malpractice.

“At Alta Pro, we take a common sense approach to professional liability insurance,” says Alta Pro President and CEO Pam Allen. “Our program combines what I like to call ‘real’ risk management tools and innovative practice management services with a comprehensive insurance product.”

If you practice in Wisconsin, Texas, Minnesota, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana or Michigan, you can stay a step ahead of the competition by being a member of Alta Pro Lawyers RPG. You’ll get access to free webinars, the Pro Practice Playbook, Reminger ProLink, Ask the Risk Pro and more. Learn how to join here.

The Pro Practice Playbook has eight sections as follows:

Section 1. Forming Your Firm

  • Firm Organization. Guidelines for creating your practice entity.
  • Office Sharing. Tips for lawyers in co-working spaces.
  • Of Counsel. How to make these arrangements a win-win.
  • Client Referrals. Doing it the right way to avoid trouble.
  • Firm Dissolution. Ending the entity properly.
  • Picking the Perfect Law Partner. 10 tips for choosing wisely.

Section 2. Managing Your Firm

  • Managing Lawyers. A great team needs a great coach.
  • Managing Non-lawyers. Leadership starts at the top.
  • Training Associates and Developing Partners. Turning potential into productivity.
  • Best Practices for Your Firm. Business basics to build on.
  • Leaving the Firm. How to Avoid a Messy Divorce.

Section 3. Marketing Your Firm

  • The Ethics of Advertising. From business cards to billboards.
  • Dealing with Prospective Clients. Converting prospects into profits.
  • Saying No to Clients. One little word can make all the difference.

Section 4. Getting and Keeping Great Clients

  • Client Engagement Letters. Put it in writing.
  • Client Communication. Stay in touch, stay out of trouble.
  • Client Privilege. Create a culture of confidentiality.
  • Avoiding Conflicts of Interest. The duty of loyalty is critical.
  • Doing Business with Clients. Don’t complicate the relationship.
  • Ending the Relationship. The final handshake is important.
  • Arbitration Clauses. Weighing the benefits and risks.

Section 5. Getting Paid for Your Work

  • Fee and Billing Basics. Tips on getting paid in full and on time.
  • Dealing with Fee Disputes. Money matters can become malpractice claims.
  • Using a Collection Agency. How to deal with delinquent payments.
  • Client Funds and Financial Scams. How to spot the most common red flags.

Section 6. Case Management

  • Case Management Technology. Build a great practice with systems and tools.
  • Managing Client Data. Keep it safe, accessible and secure.
  • Documenting Your Case File. The benefits are greater than just CYA.
  • File Retention and Destruction. What to do with your closed files.

Section 7: Expertise

  • The Dangers of Dabbling. Stick to what you know and avoid disaster.
  • Keeping Up with the Law. Learning is a lifelong process.

Section 8: Technology and Security

  • Tech Security. Key tips for cyber safety,
  • How to Keep Your Law Data Safe in the Cloud. Looking for some cloud cover?

Want the Pro Practice Playbook for your practice? Sign up now for Alta Pro Lawyers RPG. Learn how to join here.


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