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NIST Cybersecurity Website is Free Resource

Want a Cybersecurity Toolkit and Cyber Risk Roadmap? Here you go.

Did you know there is an authoritative online website that offers free guidance, training and tips on cybersecurity?

The National Institute of Standards & Technology launched its Small Business Cybersecurity Corner in March 2019.  The site includes cyber pointers, checklists and informational articles for law firms and other businesses. All resources on the website are free.

Since the site’s debut, enhancements have been added to make it even more useful for solos and small law firms. The latest addition is a new section on the NIST blog called the Director’s Corner that highlights emerging cybersecurity, privacy and information security-related issues.

Read the inaugural post on the NIST: Director’s Corner here.

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October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month
The Small Business Cybersecurity Corner is designed for small businesses that lack comprehensive in-house IT personnel and resources.

Pages on the site include:

  • Cybersecurity Basics. This section contains introductory information about cybersecurity, related risks and the importance of taking appropriate steps to secure your law firm. There is a downloadable Workforce Management Guidebook, talking points for “Making the Business Case for Cybersecurity,” questions every law firm manager should ask about cyber risks, and a glossary of common cybersecurity terms.
  • Planning Guides. This section contains online tools and workbooks to help law firms evaluate their current approach to cybersecurity and take steps for improvement. Included: Cybersecurity Resource Roadmap, FCC Cyber Planner, Tips on Choosing a Cyber Insurance Policy, Cybersecurity Risk Management, and NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  • Guidance by Topic. This section contains topic-specific assistance on specific things you can do to address cybersecurity risks and secure your firm. Included: Cybersecurity Basics, Lockdown Your Login, Good Security Habits, FCC Cyber Tip Sheet, Fraud Support, Choosing a Cyber Vendor, Selecting a Webhost, Compliance Issues, Creating Security in the Internet of Things, Employee Awareness, Common Cybersecurity Misconceptions, Cybersecurity Toolkit, Employee Training, Protecting Against Scams, Business Email Imposters, Tech Support Scams, Tax Scams, Securing Data and Devices, Malware, Mobile Devices, Phishing and Social Engineering, Securing Network Connections, Remote Access and Understanding Firewalls.
  • Responding to a Cyber Incident. This section explains what to do if you think you have been a victim of a cyber incident. Included: Data Breach Response, Recovering from a Cybersecurity Incident and Fraud Support.
  • Training. This section includes resources like educational courses, webinars, and videos. Included: Cybersecurity Fundamentals for Small Businesses, Cyber Readiness Program, and Steps to Reduce Your Risk of a Cyber Attack.
  • Contributors Directory. This section includes information and links to major contributors’ websites. Included: Department of Homeland Security, FBI, FCC, FTC, National Cybersecurity Alliance, US Department of Justice, and US Small Business Administration.
  • FAQ. Frequently asked questions about the NIST Small Business Cybersecurity Act and the NIST cyber website.
  • Cybersecurity Insights Blog. Recent posts include the Director’s Corner, the Preliminary Draft of the NIST Privacy Framework, and best practices for connected devices.

Let us here at Alta Pro know how we can help make your practice safer and more successful. Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

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