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Much More Than an Insurance Policy

Welcome to the new Alta Pro Lawyers RPG website!

Alta Pro was formed over fifteen years ago to offer a professional liability insurance program for lawyers in Michigan. We soon began working with agents and their lawyer clients throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana, and our program has since expanded into Illinois, Minnesota, Wisconsin and now, Texas. Our program has grown to over 5,000 law firms and over 10,000 lawyers. We could not have achieved that level of growth without the support of your agents and brokers and our insurance company partners.

More Attention, More Tools

After three decades of experience in the insurance industry with an emphasis on professional liability, it seemed to me like policyholders were suffering from ADD – insurance companies focused on growth by acquisition were not paying attention to the needs of their policyholders.  I founded Alta Pro out of a belief that we could create a program that provides much more than an insurance policy. 

At Alta Pro, we take a common sense approach to professional liability insurance.  Our program combines what I like to call “real” risk management tools, claim repair advice, and innovative practice management services with a comprehensive insurance product.  We believe that by helping our program members improve their practices and lower their malpractice risk, premium savings will result. Alta Pro Lawyers RPG is the culmination of that vision. 


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