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Lawyers in Texas Can Get a CLE Bonanza

Want to save time and money on your CLE? Here's how.

Texas lawyers have an opportunity to strike CLE gold, thanks to a partnership between Alta Pro Insurance and Attorney Credits.

If you practice in the Lone Star state, you can fulfill your annual CLE requirement of 15 hours – including the mandatory three hours of ethics – at your convenience, whenever you choose, at work or at home. You can even take a class while you’re on the treadmill at Planet Fitness.

Choose from more than 70 Texas-approved courses ranging from Legal Ethics of Social Media (1 hour), Top Tech Tools for Lawyers (1 hour), or Tax Crash Course for Business Attorneys (1 hour). All courses are available through video streaming, video download, audio streaming or audio download.

And it gets better: you can satisfy your yearly requirement with a single click – and save up to 30 percent on registration costs – by purchasing a 15-hour bundle. Once you’ve selected your courses, you can take as much time as you’d like to complete them. Courses are available 24/7 on any web-connected desktop, tablet or mobile device.

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12 Questions & Answers About Texas CLE

How many MCLE hours are required in Texas?
Fifteen credit hours every year – including 3 required hours of legal ethics. 

Can I carry hours forward to the next year?
Yes, 15 hours may be carried over, including 3 hours of legal ethics.

How many MCLE hours can I take through Attorney Credits?
All 15 credit hours. Attorney Credits is a Texas State Bar Approved Provider.

Where can I find a list of courses?
To see a list of MCLE courses offered in Texas, click this link: Texas Course List.

Do Attorney Credits’ MCLE courses qualify for credit in Texas?
Yes. all online and downloadable on-demand MCLE courses have been approved for MCLE credit by the State Bar of Texas MCLE Department.

What are my MCLE compliance and reporting requirements?
Reporting Cycle: Annual; Compliance Deadlines: Last day of month preceding birth month; Reporting Deadline: Last day of month of attorney’s birth month

Does Attorney Credits report my MCLE hours to the State Bar of Texas?
Yes. Attorney Credits will report your completed courses to the State Bar of Texas. Automated attendance reports are emailed to the State Bar of Texas every Monday. However, since Texas is a self-reporting state you must verify receipt of this compliance information. Texas attorneys are ultimately responsible for reporting completion of their CLE requirements.

Can I order all my required CLE at one time?
Yes, by ordering a bundle. A bundle has all 15 required CLE credits, including 3 hours of ethics credits.

Where do I take Attorney Credits courses?
On any web-connected computer, tablet, or smartphone.

Do my CLE credits expire?
No. There is no time limit when taking a course. Take your course now or in a year from now for your next compliance period.

Will I Get a Certificate of Attendance?
Yes. Download or email your certificates upon the completion of every course.

How can I view my MCLE record and self-report my hours?
View your transcript online and report hours on My Bar Page on the State Bar of Texas website: https://www.texasbar.com.

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