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5 Ways to Get Psyched About Your Practice

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Shaking things up in the office might be just what's needed.

Having trouble getting motivated in your practice?

Try writing down the top three things you think might be holding you back. It could be a difficult case you’re stuck in, a lack of cash, or a tough decision you’ve been putting off.

Identifying your obstacles is an act of mindfulness that will almost magically create space for solutions.

That motivational tip comes from business advisor Deep Patel.

“Has every day become a rinse and repeat of the last?” he writes in this Entrepreneur article. “Sometimes it’s just a case of the blahs, when we feel disconnected and indifferent to our projects and not motivated to achieve our goals. Sometimes we don’t even realize we’re down because we’ve been robotically going through the motions of work and life.”

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Here are 5 other tips to get your mojo back, courtesy of Patel and Entrepreneur:

  1. Ask yourself when you started feeling off-track. Says Patel: “Can you pinpoint what might have triggered the downturn? Often career ruts are caused by feeling complacent or bored by what you’re doing. Once you’ve mastered your role at work, it may stop feeling exciting and interesting. Or perhaps you’re feeling burned out. Pay attention to what your gut says and how you react to different situations – this may clue you in on what’s behind your slump.”
  2. Mix things up. Lawyers are competitive. We like a good challenge. Even if we love our job, we may find ourselves feeling restless and looking ahead to the next thing on the horizon. Avoid the doldrums by shaking things up. Add a new member to your project team. Take a different route to the office in the morning. Attend a CLE program on a topic outside of your comfort zone.
  3. Get inspired. “Are there activities or interests that energize you or spark your creativity? For some people, it’s engaging with art or music. Others find inspiration in nature, such as taking a long walk in a shady park or sitting beside the ocean. Whatever ignites you, make time for it in your daily schedule.”
  4. Brainstorm your dreams and desires. Give yourself the luxury of fantasizing about your deepest longings, intentions and goals. Who knows? Maybe they’re closer than you think.
  5. Take a mental health day. “It’s a crucial part of self-care, giving yourself a chance to rest and recharge. This is time you should be using for stress relief and burnout prevention. It’s a break from the noise and confusion of daily life. If you’re taking a mental health day, it’s important that you actually do things that will help you relax and feel restored. Just remember to pick something that will provide tension relief and avoid doing things that stress you out.”

What pointers would you share for getting motivated and staying there?

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