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5 Practice Guides For Wisconsin Lawyers

Practice in Wisconsin? Check out these publications from the State Bar.

If you practice in Wisconsin, you can beef up your law library and stay current on the latest changes in your specialty area with five new State Bar publications.

Family law practitioners will want a copy of the Wisconsin Family Code 2019, which includes key updates to statutes and administrative rules. And litigators shouldn’t go to court without the pocket version of the Wisconsin Rules of Evidence.

Those are just two of the revised, updated practice guides available online from the State Bar of Wisconsin.

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Five Publications from the State Bar of Wisconsin

  1. Rules of Evidence. You can have the Rules of Evidence literally in your pocket with this edition of the Wisconsin Rules of Evidence. This mini-book contains only what you need to know and is the perfect size to throw in your briefcase, or of course, your pocket.
  2. TPR and Adoption. Newly updated for 2018-2019, the Termination of Parental Rights and Adoption includes info on both involuntary and voluntary termination of parental rights. Help ease your clients through this emotional process by picking up a copy today.
  3. Government Tort Litigation. Updated for 2018-2019, the Wisconsin Governmental Claims and Immunities Handbook is your guide to the world of governmental tort litigation. If you deal with claims against government entities, this is the book for you.
  4. Criminal Law. Learn the nuts and bolts of more effective criminal defense strategies with the WI Criminal Defense Manual. It’s newly updated for 2018-2019 with key legal developments impacting this practice area.
  5. Family Law. Quickly find the key Wisconsin family law statutes and administrative rules you need in the 2019 edition of the Wisconsin Family Code book.

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