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20 Great Ways to Grow Your Practice – For Free!

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Here are some things you can do right now to bring in new business.

Want to market your law practice without spending a penny?

Get out of your office and go visit a client’s place of business. You’ll gain valuable insights and discover new ways to be of service. Do this with a different client each month.

Another tip: claim your Google business listing.

“Google my Business is essentially a free marketing listing for any business,” says marketing director Raquelle Dickerson on Womply. “Once you’ve claimed your listing, you can add pictures, menus, products, hours of operation, contact information . . . everything you’d want a prospective customer to know about your business. All for free. And remember, it’s Google. It’s where your customers are searching for your product.”

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20 Tips for a Booming Law Practice
Marketing your practice doesn’t have to break the bank – or even cost a cent. Here are 20 free ways to attract new business:

  1. Offer to speak to a local civic or charitable group. Choose a topic that’s in your wheelhouse and of interest to the group’s members.
  2. Join a client’s professional organization or trade association. Attend their meetings. Contribute an article. Give a talk.
  3. Put great content on your website. “We recently helped one of our clients conduct a study that analyzed over two million accident records in the state of Texas,” reports ilawyer marketing. “We identified the most dangerous intersections in the state based on the data and shared that information with local media outlets. This led to a giant spike in website traffic.”
  4. Seek out media opportunities. After posting the “dangerous intersection” study, the Texas lawyer was featured on multiple television news reports and interviews.
  5. Join LinkedIn groups. Comment on posts you find interesting. Share something you’ve written. Position yourself as a thought leader.
  6. Do a great job for your current clients. They are your best source of future business.
  7. Seek out other ways to help. When a case ends, ask if the client has other legal needs. A divorce client, for example, might not know you also do wills.
  8. Stay in front of key referral sources. Identify your top ten referral providers. Have lunch or coffee with at least one every week. Or just pick up the phone to say hi.
  9. Ask clients to give you an online review. In one study, 80 percent of respondents said they would only choose a law firm that had at least a 4-star rating. Nurture your reputation on Yelp, Google, Avvo and Facebook. Put a sign in your office: “People love us on Yelp.”
  10. Use social media. Follow the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your posts should be interesting or useful to potential clients. Only 20 percent should be about your practice.
  11. Take a client to lunch. Don’t talk about their case. Just get to know them better.
  12. Involve your whole office in marketing. Every member of your team represents your firm wherever they go. Hint: make sure they carry business cards.
  13. Specialize without specializing. If you have a plaintiffs’ personal injury practice that includes motorcycle accidents, attend a meeting of the local Harley-Davidson club. Offer to give a presentation on “Understanding your Insurance Policy.”
  14. Say thank you. Make sure clients know how much you appreciate the opportunity to serve them.
  15. Hold an in-house brainstorming session. “Break the rules,” says marketing expert Dr. John Olmstead. “Encourage all members in the firm to think out-of-the-box and innovate. Look for new ways to solve client problems. Look for new solutions. No topic should be initially be considered out-of-bounds.”
  16. Improve your client intake procedure. Ask a “secret shopper” to call your office for an appointment. How was the experience? Was the receptionist courteous and professional? Was the caller placed on hold?
  17. Expand your menu. Create a new practice niche. Example: if you represent small businesses, offer custom services tailored just for startups.
  18. Deliver a great Customer Experience. From the first phone call to the final bill, make the client’s journey as painless and positive as possible.
  19. Create a video introducing yourself and your practice. Post it on your About Us page. Be friendly, engaging and authentic. Low-tech is fine.
  20. Have a strategy. Set reasonable, measurable goals: example, adding three new clients each quarter.

What marketing tips would you add to this list?

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