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10 Tips For Branding Your Law Firm

What three adjectives best describe your law practice?

When it comes to branding your law firm, you can pick up some valuable pointers from the fashion industry.

Take Nike, for example. Not only is its swoosh logo recognized all over the world, but the image itself sends a powerful message: it’s a checkmark, a symbol of positivity, an image of movement and uplift. Just do it!

“Branding is more than a logo,” writes Dayna Winter on the Shopify blog. “It encompasses values, voice, and design choices. Good branding is storytelling – a consistent and continuous message, weaving meaning into every piece.”

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10 Branding Tips from Design Pros
These branding tips – courtesy of Dayna Winter and Shopify – can put your firm on the stylish runway to success:

  1. Communicate who you are and what clients you serve. “If you can’t communicate who you are as a brand and the type of person who would identify with your core values and aesthetic, then you won’t be able to sell it to them.” Joey Ng (VP of Marketing, Output)
  2. Go digital. “Great online presentation and content is key. It’s all about finding your niche market and exposing a good quality product or service to them.” Yan Wang (Founder, XYZ Impression)
  3. Keep your brand consistent on all platforms. “Consider the look, style, color of your branding – how are others affected by it? When starting out, ask what is the first thing someone thinks of when they see your brand. When you do finally have your brand image, get it out there. As much as you think you are marketing yourself, you can triple it.” Dawn Del Russo (Founder Bella Dawn & LiveTheGlamour.com)
  4. Differentiate your practice. “Unless there’s a frame of reference to attach to a name, it’s really difficult to navigate the congested buyer’s marketplace. Trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for disaster.” Carolyn Delacorte (Co-founder, Boxwood Press)
  5. Tell your story. “It communicates what your values are, your perspective, and helps illuminate small character elements that are part of the bigger picture of your business.” Odessa Paloma Parker (Fashion Editor, The Globe and Mail)
  6. Know your competition. “Carefully research your target market and see who your competitors are. Having a strong social media presence is a must – this can be a really cost-effective way of communicating to your target customer.” Nick Ede (CEO, EastofEden London)
  7. Create compelling content. “Now that so much business is happening online, creating interesting content is becoming more and more important.” Helen Rice (Co-founder, FUZZCO)
  8. Build partnerships. “Part of knowing your brand is knowing who can help your brand. I would suggest finding a core group of friends, or a team of people who have skills that are not only beneficial to you, but are beneficial to them, too. Grow and learn with each other.” Andrew Coimbra (Creative Director & Designer, Andrew Coimbra)
  9. Get your name out there. “When most shoppers are faced with a choice, whether to buy this black tote bag or that black tote bag, they’ll choose the one they’ve heard of. It’s as simple as that. That’s the entire basis of advertising. So getting the word out there about your brand and what makes it unique it crucial to your sales. And sales are crucial to keeping your business afloat.” Sara Koonar (Editor-in-Chief, 29Secrets.com)
  10. It’s all about feelings. “Branding needs to be about the emotional experience for your target audience. Exceptional branding provides a sense of comfort, acceptance, yet inspiration to keep your clients coming back for more.” Alex O’Byrne (Director, WeMakeWebsites)

BONUS TIP: What three adjectives best describe your law firm?

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