Policy Coverages and Benefits

What you can expect when joining Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group.

Why choose Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing group over other programs?

Alta Pro Lawyers Risk Purchasing Group gives insured law firms exclusive access to valuable practice resources and cost-saving programs. When you join, you can use our Pro Practice Resource Center, filled with practical pointers and risk management tools to keep your law firm safe and soaring. Plus webinars, free CLE, discounts on office essentials, Ask the Risk Pro, malpractice defense hotline and more.

Pro Practice Playbook

We’ve built a treasure trove of risk management related articles and resources to help you avoid common pitfalls.

Members Only Webinars

Enjoy access to webinars on various legal practice related topics.


Ever have a question about your practice? Call our ProLink claim repair hotline from our partners at Reminger Attorneys at Law.

Free Tax-Savings Analysis And Business Plan Development

Our partners at TASC are providing our members with a free tax savings analysis and business plan development.

Discounts on CLE

We’ve partnered with Attorneys Credits to give our members cost-reduced yearly CLE credits. Enjoy discounts of up to 30%!

Discounts on Cloud-Based Legal Practice Management Software

Easily manage a results-driven law firm with these member’s only discounted options for CLIO Legal Practice Management Software. Save 10%!

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And What Are Our Coverages?


  • Professional services as an administrator, executor, trustee or title agent incidental to a firm’s practice of law; notary public, arbitrator or mediator; a hearing officer or lobbyist
  • Professional services performed on behalf of the Named Insured by Of Counsel and independent contractors
  • Authorship and bar association services
  • List ItemPersonal injury coverage for libel, slander, invasion of privacy, malicious prosecution and other non-bodily injury damages
  • Innocent insureds
  • Disciplinary defense
  • Services performed for others... where the fee inures to the benefit of the firm
  • Pro bono work


  • Loss of earnings coverage up to $500 per day, $10,000 per insured, and $50,000 annual aggregate for attendance at legal proceedings at company request, in addition to policy limits
  • $100,000 attorny discipline defense, in addition to policy limits
  • $25,000 in subpoena assistance, in addition to policy limits
  • Clear duty to defend intentional acts
  • Softened hammer clause
  • Worldwide coverage terrirory


  • Deductible options: zero deductible, aggregate deductible
  • Career coverage is available, subject to underwriting
  • First dollar defense
  • Claims expense in addition to policy limits


  • Free ERP (Tail) endorsement for death, disability or retirement (after only three years with the company, and no age restriction
  • Automatic 30 day extended reporting period
  • Deductible reduced by 50% or $12,500, whichever is less, if claim is settled within six months by the use of formal mediation
  • Unlimited ERP (Tail) endorsements costs 225% of premium (other carriers charge up to 300%)
  • Three year ERP (Tail) endorsements costs 150% of premium (other carriers charge up to 225%)
  • Claims Expense Outside Limits and First Dollar Defense available
  • Flexible Extended Reporting options


As a member of Alta Pro, you are insured with Lawyers’ Professional Liability Insurance that gives you the confidence and security to leave worry behind and grow your practice. Knowing that the insurance company covering you has the financial strength to be there for you in good times and bad is important. That’s why we work with A-rated carriers who provide top-tier professional liability insurance policies.

Each law firm’s needs are different. Factors such as area of practice, coverage limits, number of attorneys, and claims history will all determine the best rate and coverage combination for each member of the group.