Cyber Security Best Practices for your Law Firm in 2022

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Credit: 1.0 hour of Regular credit

Course Description

Ransomware claims are up 775% in 2021, and showing no signs of slowing down!

In this course, we will be covering real-life examples of actual wire fraud claims and losses, and having a discussion around the threat landscape small firms face today.

Our expert speakers will cover:

• Practical and inexpensive tips that cost nothing which any solo or small law firm can use to protect their business, without having to be an IT expert.
• Easy, step by step instructions on how to protect your firm
• Actual demonstrations about:
    o How Ransomware attacks occur
    o The importance of backups, cloud and on-prem security
    o 99% of all incidents are caused by exposed remote desktops. We will demonstrate the risks of Windows Remote Desktop.
    o Safe remote access

Our featured speakers include Nathan Little, Sr. VP Of Digital Forensics at Tetra Defense, and James Davidson, Partner at O’Hagan Meyer Law Firm.

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