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If you practice Traffic Law in Texas and charge $150 per hour, your rate is 27 percent lower than what the average Lone Star lawyer charges for the same type of work.

Maybe you should consider raising your rates, or expanding into Family Law, where Texas fees exceed $250 per hour.

If you practice in Michigan, on the other hand, the average rates for Traffic Law are a more profitable $278 per hour.

This and tons of other data on legal fees can be gleaned from the Legal Rate Calculator, a free online tool that compares legal rates by state and practice area. Simply plug in your hourly rate, select an area, and in seconds you can see how you stack up.

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For instance, the average Intellectual Property Lawyer in Minnesota charges $275 per hour, while in Wisconsin the norm is $311.

The Legal Rate Calculator, which aggregates data from more than 70,000 legal professionals nationwide, is powered by Clio.

Access it here.

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